Our Plants

At our nursery, we strive to grow energy efficient trees, palms, cycads and shrubs for all environments including: sun, shade, wet, dry, salt and wind conditions. Our stock is finished with minimal fertilizer and water to prepare our plants for real world conditions, while retaining excellent color and fullness for aesthetic appeal.

Special emphasis is placed on propagation selection to produce excellent root and branch structure for reliable durability as well as species cultivars for desirable characteristics. We also offer contract growing of native trees for future jobs.

Native trees are often hard to find to satisfy current and future mandates. Native Tree Nursery has the resources and experience to grow natives for your job. Call us to ensure that availability is not a problem when it comes time to plant.

A comprehensive guide to the grades and standards for Florida nursery materials can be found here.

Plant Profiles

* Indicates Florida Native

Flowering Trees

Bulnesia arborea

Canaga odorata 
Ylang Ylang

Capparis cynophallophora 
*Jamaica Caper

Cassia fistula 

Chorisia speciosa 
Floss Silk

Guaiacum sanctum 
*Lignum Vitae

Jacaranda mimosifolia 

Lagerstroemia speciosa 
Queen's Crepe Myrtle

Psuedobombax ellipticum 
Shaving Brush Tree

Spathodea campanulata 
African Tulip

Tabebuia caraiba 
Silver Trumpet

Tabebuia heterophylla 
Pink Trumpet

Trees & Shrubs

Acer rubrum
*Red Maple

Acrostichum daneifolium
*Leather Fern

Annona glabra
*Pond Apple

Ardisia escalloniodes

Borrichia aborscens
*Silver Sea-Oxeyed

Bourreria succulenta
*Bahama Strongbark

Bucida molinetti (spinosa)
*Spiny Black Olive

Bursera simaruba
*Gumbo Limbo

Byrsonima lucida
Locust Berry

Calyptranthes pallens

Canella winterana
*Cinnamon Bark

Chrysophyllum oliviforme
*Satin Leaf

Citharexylum fruiticosum

Clusia guttifera
Pitch Apple

Clusia rosea ‘nana’
Dwarf Pitch Apple

Coccoloba diversifolia
*Pigeon Plum

Coccoloba uvifera

Colubrina eliptica

Conocarpus erectus
*Green Buttonwood

Crossopetallum ilicifolium

Ernodea littoralis
*Golden/Beach Creeper

Eugenia sp.

Ficus aurea
*Golden Fig

Ficus citrifolia
*Short Leaf Fig

Gymnanthes lucida

Jacquinia arborea
Coppice Joewood

Krugiodendron ferreum
*Black Ironwood

Ligustrum lucidem
Glossy Privet

Lysiloma latisiliqua
*Wild Tamarind

Lysiloma sabicu
Cuban Tamarind

Magnolia virginiana
*Sweetbay Magnolia

Manilkara jaimiqui
*Wild Dilly

Microsorum scolopendrium
Wart Fern

Muhlenbergia capillaris
*Muhly Grass

Myrcianthes fragrans
*Simpson Stopper

Persea borbonia
*Red Bay

Picramnia pentandra

Psychotria ligustrifolia
*Dwarf Wild Coffee

Psychotria nervosa
*Shiny Wild Coffee

Psychotria sulzneri
*Soft Leaf Wild Coffee

Quercus virginiana
*Live Oak

Senna mexicana ‘chapmanii’
*Bahama cassia

Senna polyphylla
Desert Cassia

Sideroxylon salicifolium
*Willow Bustic

Simarouba glauca
*Paradise Tree

Sophora tomentosa

Suriana maritima
*Bay Cedar

Swietenia mahagoni
*West Indies Mahogany

Taxodium distichum
*Bald Cypress

Palms & Cycads

Acoelorrhaphe wrightii
*Paroutis Palm

Adonedia merrilli
Christmas Palm

Bismarckia nobilis
Silver Bismarckia

Caryota mitis
Fishtail Palm

Chamaerops humilis
European Fan Palm

Chambeyronia macrocarpa
Red Feather Palm

Coccothrinax argentata
Silver Palm

Coccothrinax crinita
Old Man Palm

Coccothrinax miraguama
Cuban Silver Palm

Cocos nucifera
Coconut Palm

Copernicia baileyana
Bailey Palm

Dictyosperma album-rubrum
Hurricane Palm

Dioon edule
Chestnut Dioon

Dioon spinulosum
Giant Dioon

Dypsis decaryi
Triangle Palm

Dypsis lutescens
Areca Palm

Encephelardos gratis
(No common name)

Heterospathe elata
Sagisi Palm

Hyophorbe lagenicaulis
Bottle Palm

Livistona chinensis
Chinese Fan Palm

Livistona decipens
Ribbon Palm

Nolina recurvata
Ponytail Palm

Phoenix roebellini
Pygmy Date Palm

Phoenix rupicola
Cliff Date Palm

Phoenix sylvestris
Wild Date Palm

Psuedophoenix sargentii
*Buccaneer Palm

Ptychosperma elegans
Alexander Palm

Ptychosperma macarthurii
McArthur Palm

Roystonea regia
*Royal Palm

Sabal minor
*Dwarf Blue Palm

Sabal palmetto
*Cabbage Palm

Serenoa repens
*Saw Palmetto

Syagrus coronata
Licuri Palm

Thrinax morisii
*Silver Thatch Palm

Thrinax radiata
*Green Thatch Palm

Veitchia spp.

Washingtonia robusta
Washington Palm

Wodyetia bifurcata
Foxtail Palm

Zamia furfuracea
Cardboard Palm

Zamia pumila