Native Tree Nursery comprises over 230 acres of field (marl) grown material and 25 acres of container material. Field grown trees and shrubs are grown to Fla. #1 and Fla. Fancy specifications.  With over 30 years of experience, we are able to achieve superior quality, efficient service and a wide range of varieties to choose from.


By starting with our own propagation facility, we are able to ensure top quality stock from the roots up. Our trees not only look good on top, they are structurally sound where you can't see them.Our plants are started in air prune containers, which promote a superior, healthy root system from the first stages of propagation. From this process the plants are potted, staked and pruned according to each varieties needs with the goal of producing a top quality plant. Our field grown trees are carefully staked and pruned to provide a clean stem, central leader, well developed branch structure and heavy caliper. Field grown trees ready for sale are vigorously root pruned and bagged in the ground to retain the complete root system resulting in excellent transplant performance.


Every effort is made to keep the customer on schedule. We appreciate your need for efficient loading and fast turnaround of your trucks. Our experienced crew will load your trees to assure proper nesting and minimal breakage.


From Florida Natives to Palms to Flowering Trees, Coastal Salt Tolerant to Fresh Water Wetlands we are constantly developing growing techniques and adding superior species and varieties to our available palette.

We specialize in large quantities of hard to find specimen sized materials.